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Self Published

design and layout

A publication project based on the idea of self-actualised projects to be displayed in a zine form publications, written and designed by students rather than an external designer. 


Colours: blue, red, yellow, black - inspired by Kandinsky Colour Theory


Result: a collection of 28 booklets of KAOSPILOT Enterprising Leadership programme final projects of Team 21


Print:  by KLS PurePrint, Cradle-to-Cradle sustainable print-house.


Team: Connor Benedict and Ugne Balciunaite, Kristina Green Bonne and Noora Sirén

Be-03557-2 copy.jpg
Be-03570 copy.jpg
Be-03559 copy.jpg
Be-03560 copy.jpg
Be-03568 copy.jpg
Be-03571 copy.jpg
Be-03569 copy.jpg
Be-03561 copy.jpg
Be-03566 copy.jpg
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