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Archipelago 20

personal project

Archipelago 20 started with an open invitation to describe oneself as an island in 5 sentences, give the island a name and coordinates. 

The isolation that followed the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic let Ugne to thinking of connections that tend to be forgotten. Loneliness is a stingy feeling of experiencing certain feelings and senses alone. One starts feeling like a remote island with no bridge to bond with others. 

"While water covers the surfaces of the land, all soil and dirt are connecting through the underwater links. No man is an island. We share roots that might not be visible for the eye, the roots that share the vital nourishment, beliefs, and compassion." 

The project was born out of the thirst for other people's insights and out of the desire to weave connections between strangers. 

archipelago 20 ugne .jpg


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