Non-Space, Aarhus

Saundbox - a temporary playground for music and interpretation of its effect on people curated and arranged by musical research due - RÖST. It took place in Non-Space art residency in downtown Aarhus, November 2016. 


As a part of Saundbox, together with a jazz quintet, a mural painting was created by Ugne where the strokes of brushes were determined by the feeling of each instrument's personality. Each instrument corresponded to colour and through listening and interpreting the temper, the rhythm and sense - Ugne turned the white paper covered wall into a constantly evolving tapestry.

In the end of the evening, the pieces of the mural were offered to the audience as memorabilia this way interweaving and expanding the senses that music evoked. The memory of sound could be remaining in a state of colour and texture. 

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